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Over the last decade, online learning has stormed the education industry. Are you a vivid learner but cannot find the time to get your dream degree? Then, Texila American University is the right choice to get an online degree. Gone are the days when you had to pack yourselves and physically be available for your degree classes. Now, all you need is the passion for achieving more and guidance to take you through. While all you have to do is find the will to learn more, leave the rest to us!

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Why should you choose Texila American University

Each of our courses is detailed and structured in a way that they are undeniably comprehensive and cost-efficient. Whether you are a student pursuing a degree that will guarantee a promising career or a professional who wants to learn without disrupting your career, we can help you. Flexible and customized learning solutions are our motto to combine education with convenience.

Learning our degrees online will not only save you time but also improve your time management skills. Drafting a schedule and sticking to it will make you excel in your field. You could also benefit from our improved quality of learning. Our detailed course structure makes even complex learning material easier and more engaging to cope with. And the best part is? You need not give up on your career to earn your degree or credentials. Instead, it is going to show you as a more dedicated and passionate learner to advance further in your career.

Our Popular Online Degree Programs

Online Bachelor Programs

Online Program

Our online public health degrees are at par with the offline programs. We train students on all aspects with respect to protecting and improving the health of communities and societies. Also, you will be able to handle challenges and educate people on improved health care practices. Experience your career in Public Health progress to the next level with our advanced curriculum and advanced teaching methodologies.

Online Master Programs

Online Program

TAU’s MBA program trains students in specialized management and administration techniques to enable them to meet industry requirements. Our curriculum is contemporary and exposes you to involve in critical thinking, strategic decision making and transforming business processes. Join our program and explore unique career opportunities.

Online PhD Programs

Online Program

We offer doctorate degrees in various disciplines under School of Research. They include medicine, public health, management, nursing, clinical research, library science, education, etc. TAUs advanced platform helps the research scholars pursue Doctor of Philosophy during their convenient time without disturbing their demanding work schedules.

Here’s why you should enroll with us now:


Improved flexibility and customized learning options


Aid self-paced learning techniques


Better time management skills


Guided learning with experts in the field


Enhanced virtual collaboration and communication


A wider and globally approved perspective

skills (1)

Comes with critical thinking and technical skills

BRICS Learning Methodology

Online degree courses at TAU are delivered using a unique BRICS methodology. BRICS is an advanced block-based teaching-learning methodology specially designed for imparting online learning solutions.

online degree-Brics model


Module-based curriculum with focus on core competency and skills

Intense and continuous faculty and moderator support

Learning resources prepared based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Personalised support from student mentors throughout the program

Opportunity to participate in forum discussions

What do we offer?

Our degrees are carefully crafted with real-time degree experience that is effective and efficient. Students who find themselves in a challenging state of balancing education, work, and family often choose us for a seamless learning perspective. We offer the programs from the following schools:

  • School of Business Management and Public Administration
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Public Health and Social Work
  • School of Research
  • School of IT

How will you be benefited?

We offer the freedom to juggle between your career and education by not wiring down to a fixed schedule. We give you the command over delegating your time conveniently for your learning and career. Offering a chance to network with experts in the field and peers across nations is an added benefit. Personalized attention by means of increased Instructor and student time. Online guided discussions, training materials, and live talk time are our hallmarks for improved learning solutions.

We offer courses that are specialized and accessible across all geographical locations. You get to control your learning environment and develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter. You can make the best use of our excellent training in Information and Communication Technology, Health Sciences, Research, Management, and Applied Sciences. Block-based learning techniques are sure to benefit your learning methodologies and promise better comprehensive education.