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Our online degree courses are well-designed and coupled with advanced training in various disciplines. Upon taking a course, they can explore better career opportunities in medicine, healthcare, management, and so on. Are you a working professional and want to upgrade your educational qualification? We have solutions custom-made for you.


In association with the IAU-UNESCO-listed University of Central Nicaragua, Texila American University offers online degree courses. It ranges from bachelor’s to doctorate degrees. Such courses help students upgrade their educational qualifications in varied sectors. It includes medicine, social work, public administration, business administration, public health, and so on.

Popular Programs

Bachelor of Public Health

2 Years

Online Program

Our Bachelor of Public Health aids students with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to excel in the sector. Moreover, it enables you to improve the quality of life and health in their communities. With an advanced course curriculum, our online BPH degree will take your career to the next level.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

2 Years

Online Program

Our MBA Program at TAU incorporates various management skills to the students in a more interactive manner. The program will equip the students to face the business environment with lot of confidence and also will kindle the underlying skills of the students to face the global business challenges.

PhD Programs

3 Years

Online Program

We offer various online PhD programs under our School of Research. Programs include medicine, public health, management, nursing, clinical research, library science, education and so on. It offers a platform for research scholars to further their studies and a PhD degree without leaving their jobs. By the way, we help students study at their pace and get a doctorate amidst their busy schedules.

Why Choose Us?


Best-in-Class Online Learning Management System


Tailored, International Standard Curriculum


Highly Qualified, Experienced Faculty from Across the Globe


Academic Partnership with Renowned University of Central Nicaragua


BLOCK-Based Learning Methodology and Continuous Assessment Pattern


Outcome-Based Academic Delivery

Unique BRICS Learning Methodology

Texila American University uses a unique BRICS methodology to deliver its online degree courses. BRICS is a block-based teaching-learning methodology designed exclusively for online degree courses. Moreover, we structured all our online programs to help working professionals upgrade their educational qualifications without leaving their job!

Bricks Model

Module-Based Curriculum That Focuses on the Core Competency and Skills

Intense and Continuous Faculty and Moderator Support

Study Materials and Learning Resources Prepared Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Personalized Support from Student Mentors Throughout the Program

Opportunity to Participate in Forum Discussions

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