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In an academic partnership with the University of Central Nicaragua, Texila American University offers a PhD in clinical research.

  • Well-structured, international standard curriculum
  • Gain proficiency in clinical research
  • Complete the PhD in clinical research online with ease

A PhD in Clinical Research can help you to reach new heights in your chosen profession. It will prepare you for a leadership role and you can apply for top positions in government and private organizations across the world. Aspirants don’t have to attend a regular university or a college to get a doctorate in clinical research.

You can apply for an distance learning PhD in clinical research. Before your admission, you will have to pass an interview successfully. Clinical research courses online is a convenient way for professionals to enhance their academic attainment without giving up their current job.

Online PhD programs are convenient routes for getting a PhD as against choosing a regular or a part-time PhD in clinical research that require you to attend a campus daily.

If you want to join one of the best online clinical research programs then Texila University and the University of Central Nicaragua (an academic partnership) should be your choicest academy. Apply today itself and ensure your seat to get your PhD online.


90 Credits – 3 Years


  • Students under the same discipline(M. Sc Clinical Research) will undergo – 90 credits – 3 years.


110 Credits – 3.5 Years


  • Students in different disciplines like (M. Sc Health Science) will undergo – 110 credits – 3.5 years.

Salient Features

  • Combines theoretical and practical training
  • Flexibility to study anytime, anywhere
  • Gain good decision making skills to provide impetus for improving methods of patient care
  • Apply Clinical trials, pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, biostatistics, research methodology and pharma co vigilance

What do you Gain?

  • Students have the opportunity to publish their work in academic journals and take part in global research conferences.
  • Students will study methods through which they can invent new medicines, techniques, equipment and devices.
  • Students will study various medical technologies that are integral to creating new inventions and advancing the field.

Course Structure

Block  Course Work Credits
1 Research Methodology 4
2 Types of study designs 4
3 Clinical Research related documents and data management 4
4 International Regulatory agencies and Scientific communication 4
5 to 18 Research Work 74
Total Credit  90

Why Choose Us?

Our doctoral program in clinical research has a well-established global reputation. Our School of Research offers excellent programs that are taught by global faculty with extensive knowledge in their specified field. We offer affordable costs and excellent support services for international students as well.

Teaching Methodology

The core learning methodology includes BRICS models, Forum Discussions, Case Studies, Contextual Project Work, Article Review and Research Project. BRICS model is a uniquely designed methodology


Doctoral Structure

Our PhD in Clinical Research program is designed to remove roadblocks for you and demystify the dissertation process. This unique approach centers on supporting you in three ways: through program structure, a dedicated faculty and support team, and online resources. To help generate momentum toward graduation, you’ll begin your dissertation early in the program. Our faculty, support team, and online resources will help guide you every step of the way.

Doctoral Structure

Career Path

Our doctoral program in clinical research prepares students for a career in research either in the clinical or translational fields. Graduates are likely to find a plethora of job opportunities in the commercial sector, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

Faculty and Support

At Texila, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with experienced, international faculty, and world-class support.


Our international faculty members are experts in their relevant fields. Their guidance, support and constructive feedback help you complete the program successfully.

Student Mentors

Our student mentors support you to make a smooth transition. And offer guidance on a wide range of issues. It helps you stay focused and optimistic throughout the part-time Public Health program.

Academic Advisors

Our academic advisors develop and manage course schedules and guide you on program details and schedules. They help you to complete your assignments on time.

Academic Head

With their vast experience, they see to the prompt delivery of academic programs. They guide you on subject matters and facilitate completing the course on time. They are available via email, skype or telephone call.

Online Resources

We understand that academic resources are a vital aspect of succeeding in your doctoral program, and keeping this in mind, we ensure that our online resources are always up-to-date and of the highest quality.


Our periodically published e-journals are comprehensive and accessible to all students. You can make use of them for your dissertation research.

Thesis/Dissertation Support

A successful thesis requires extensive research and planning. Our sophisticated platforms and online academic tools will help you prepare an excellent thesis.

Student Testimonials

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Hear From Our Student


What is Clinical research?

Clinical research is a branch of health care science that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens intended for human use. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis, or for relieving symptoms of a disease.

Why should I study Clinical research?

Clinical trials look at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. Treatments might be new drugs or new combinations of drugs, new surgical procedures or devices, or new ways to use existing treatments. The goal of clinical trials is to determine if a new test or treatment works and is safe.

Is Clinical research a Good Career?

Clinical research is an attractive industry for researchers because it foresees tremendous growth and job opportunities not only for trained medical, pharmaceutical, and paramedical professionals but also for project management staff, regulatory authorities, government, and the society at large.

Are Clinical research jobs in demand?

Yes, there is a high demand for clinical research associate jobs for freshers. Clinical research also includes bio-statistics. Bio-statisticians do statistical works, programming, evaluation, and summary-writing for clinical trial projects. Another good post in this industry is of Clinical Research Managers (CRM).

What is the Eligibility Criteria to do PhD in Clinical research?

Master’s degree in Clinical Research/Health Sciences /Paramedical science from a recognized university
Master’s Degree in life science with PG diploma in Clinical Research from a recognized university

What is the difference between 90 and 110 credits?

PhD in Clinical Research 90 credits - 3 years duration
PhD in Clinical Research 110 credits - 3.5 years duration

What is the major curriculum difference between PhD in Clinical research 90 credits and 110 credits?

The 6 months difference between 90 and 110 credits allow students to study the bridge course on the foundation of Clinical Research.

What is the Career prospects if I complete PhD in Clinical research?

Jobs could include: -
The clinical research associate (CRA)
The data manager
The biostatistician
The clinical quality assurance auditor
The regulatory affairs specialist
Clinical safety
The medical writer

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