School of Public Health and Social Work

Public Health

Public health is a science dealing with the health of communities. In the same way, public health professionals create awareness, prevent diseases, and improve the public’s health through continuous efforts. Overall, this branch of medicine is concerned with improving the well-being of entire populations.

Social Work

On the other hand, our master of social work degree blends advanced course structure and flexibility of online learning. Its international standard curriculum prepares you for your licensure. Thereby, you can set up a compelling career in the social work field. Bring productive changes in society with advanced therapeutic and critical thinking skills.

Master of Public Health

Texila American University empowers students to develop innovative solutions to complex health challenges, including chronic and communicable diseases. Our MPH program is designed to ensure that students are capable of creating a healthier environment in their society. We prepare our students to understand, analyse, and lay the groundwork for a healthier tomorrow.

  • Bachelors in science or any bachelor’s degree with 2 years of work experience in the science field

2 Years

PhD Public Health

PhD in Public Health (90 Credits & 110 credits)

Our online PhD in public health will enable you to do extensive research in the field. Besides, getting a doctorate in public health can help you explore a remarkable career as a researcher, educator, or consultant in various settings. Thereby, you can improve your skills, build your career, and contribute to your community’s welfare.

  • 90 Credits: A Master’s Degree in Public Health or Medical Science from a Recognized University
  • 110 Credits: A Master’s Degree in Health Science from a Recognized University
  • 90 credits – 3 years
  • 110 credits – 3.5 years

Doctor of Public Health Administration (DPHA)

You can pursue our doctor of public health administration online. Indeed, it prepares you for the next level of your career. While doing advanced research, you can acquire the necessary skills to take leadership roles in the public health sector. Expand your professional horizon with a DPHA degree and become a public health leader.

  • A Master’s Degree and 5+ Years of Managerial Experience in the Public Health Sector
  • Qualify in the Panel Interview

2 Years


Master of Social Work (MSW)

Our online MSW is an advanced social work degree. When it is available online, it becomes easy for the aspirants to pursue their degrees without leaving their job. Meanwhile, it prepares you to explore better career opportunities as a social worker. Take up an MSW degree and change the lives in your community with improved skills!

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from a Recognized University or
  • A Bachelor’s Degree with 2 Years of Experience in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, or Related Field or
  • A Qualification Equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree with 3+ Years of Experience in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, or Related Field

2 Years

Note: New Intake for the Master of Social Work (MSW) program is currently not open.

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