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TAU’s Online Master of Public Health program curriculum is comprehensive with exposure to:

  • Emerging trends and best practices adopted in wellness and scientific research methods
  • Face complex challenges in public & environmental health and epidemiology
  • It empowers you to implement and evaluate health policies and programs.

We offer the best online MPH program. Enhance your skills, bring about innovative changes, and make the environment a better place.

There are four major benefits to people who do an MSc Public Health program. The first benefit you get is more expansive public knowledge and related skills. The second benefit is better job opportunities and opportunities to work in a foreign country. The third benefit is flexibility, meaning you will fit nicely in different roles within or outside the organization where you might be working. The fourth benefit is that your opinion will positively impact your subordinate staff.

If you have a job already and want to keep it and still do a master’s in public health, you can do it online. We don’t have to repeat the enormous benefits of online mode again and again. TAU and the University of Nicaragua are offering quality, internationally recognized online master of public health programs to candidates around the world. To do the master of public health degree, you must have completed a Bachelor’s in science or any bachelor’s degree with 2 years of work experience in the science field.

Make a beginning today by submitting an online inquiry to get all the necessary details. TAU follows a simple admission process. The first step is filling out a form and receiving a reply. You may have to sit for an interview, so be prepared to answer a few questions to check your eligibility.

Public health master’s programs offer expanded knowledge, job opportunities, flexibility, and the ability to influence subordinate staff positively.

Admission Requirements

Texila American University takes pride in admitting students into our Master of Public Health part time course. We follow a stringent checklist; to ensure and maintain quality in admissions. You should be able to endure the rigorous training of our courses. Also, meet our eligibility criteria in order to get a degree in medicine and pursue your preferred program at Texila.


Gain eligibility to pursue public health online program with

  • Bachelor’s in science or any bachelor’s degree with 2 years of work experience in the science field

Admission Process


Our Master of Public Health degree program covers the following syllabus:

Blocks   Course Name Credit
1 Introduction to Public Health Practice 4
2 Epidemiology 4
3 Biostatistics 4
4 Environmental Health 4
5 Public Health Policy 4
6 Social and Behavioural Health 4
7 Research Methodology 4
8 Occupational Health 4
9 Public Health Nutrition 4
10 Global health and Disaster Management 4
11 to 12 Project work 20
Total Credit  60

Why Choose Us?

  • Study online using our Learning Management System
  • Tailored, international standard curriculum
  • Experienced faculty from around the world
  • Academic partnership with University of Central Nicaragua
  • Student-focussed learning methodologies
  • Outcome based academic delivery

Teaching Methodology

The core learning methodology includes BRICS models, Forum Discussions, Case Studies, Contextual Project Work, Article Review and Research Project. BRICS model is a uniquely designed methodology

online master of public health

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Selection Factors

Students with excellent academic, personal and extracurricular abilities gain admission to TAUs online programs. You should possess intellectual, physical and emotional capacities to study MPH programs and make a successful career in Health Science.

Student Testimonials

Hear From Our Student


One of the greatest strengths of public health is that it is based on many sciences and its students and practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds. At UCN, you will study with doctors, nurses, social workers, and many others. When you join us, an exciting mix of students will enrich every one of your public health courses.

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