PhD in Healthcare Administration


TAU Doctoral program in Management equips every research scholar with advanced theoretical knowledge in their relevant specialization along with the applied Knowledge. The program will enhance the research scholar’s research skills, analyzing skills, logical thinking and decision-making skills. The proud “Black Belt of Education” can be obtained in a more professional way. The learning methodologies will definitely help the research scholars to develop the process of analytical skills focusing on every nuance of the global competitive business environment. TAU will mold every research scholar into a creative, innovative, resourceful and dedicated thinker.


3 Years


  • A Master’s Degree in the Relevant Field with Relevant Professional Experience

Salient Features

  • Flexibility to study anytime, anywhere
  • Gain better utilize their potential in building a professional network around the globe.

What do you Gain?

  • Exhibits proficiency in academic research, writing and critical thinking skills
  • It helps the scholars in analyzing various theories, concepts and tools that seek to explain and provide the basis for management decision-making
  • It helps to identify gaps in the body of knowledge in management and related sub-fields
  • It encourages the scholar to apply leadership theories, business knowledge and ethical concepts to
    advance the theory and practice of global business management.
  • Case studies will help scholars to develop their research skills and enhance their knowledge.
  • Capstone projects and Research work would enhance the student’s knowledge regarding the real-time
    scenarios of business across the globe.

Course Structure

Block Course/Research Credits
I Business Environment  4
II Research Methodology 4
III Strategic Management  4
Capstone Project 2
IV Consumer Behavior  4
V Management Information System 4
VI E-Business 4
VII-XVIII Research Work 64
Total Credits 90

Why Choose Us?

Texila American University is a Tier-1 private university that offers quality higher education in the public administration domain. We are a research focussed institution and our PhD degree is respected and recognized wold-wide. We offer affordable costs and excellent support services for international students as well.

Teaching Methodology

The core learning methodology includes BRICS models, Forum Discussions, Case Studies, Contextual Project Work, Article Review and Research Project. The BRICS model is a uniquely designed methodology.


Doctoral Structure

Our PhD in General Business Management program is designed to remove roadblocks for you and demystify the dissertation process. This unique approach centers on supporting you in three ways: through program structure, a dedicated faculty and support team, and online resources. To help generate momentum toward graduation, you’ll begin your dissertation early in the program. Our faculty, support team, and online resources will help guide you every step of the way.

Doctoral Structure

Career Opportunities

PhD scholars would have lucrative opportunities in fields like:

  1. Teaching
  2. Research
  3. Taking up Govt. projects
  4. Public policy
  5. Venture capital
  6. Research Writing etc

Faculty and Support

At Texila, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with experienced, international faculty, and world-class support.


Our faculty members come from international backgrounds and are committed to ensuring your period of study. They are advising and guiding the students to complete their Academic Requirements on time. Our prime focus is to deliver timely and constructive feedback to complete the program successfully.

Student Mentors

Our Student Mentors are experts in delivering academic support, and they are specifically assigned to help you on completion of academic requirements on time, they will assist and guide students on academic issues whenever required.

Academic Advisors

Our academic advisors will guide, develop, and manage comprehensive academic activities, also render the faculty support to the students on submission and evaluation to complete the program on time.

Academic Head

Our experienced academic heads provide expert guidance to our students to ensure that their period of study is smooth and effortless. They provide guidance in all subject matters and can be reached either through emails, skype, or telephone calls.

Online Resources

We understand that academic resources are a vital aspect of succeeding in your doctoral program, and keeping this in mind, we ensure that our online resources are always up-to-date and of the highest quality.


Our e-journals are published periodically and is accessible to all our students. Since 2012, we have developed an extensive collection of journals that will be extremely useful for your thesis and dissertation research and planning.

Thesis/Dissertation Support

A successful dissertation requires both extensive research and planning. With the help of our dissertation and academic planning tools, you will be able to identify focus areas and successfully create noteworthy research papers and dissertations.

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Is This PhD in Healthcare Administration from Texila American University Recognized?

Texila American University is offering this Healthcare Administration course in association with the University of Central Nicaragua. This PhD in Healthcare Administration online is recognized and accepted across the globe.

Can I Study PhD in Healthcare Administration Without a Master’s in Healthcare Administration?

Yes, you can pursue if you have a master’s degree in a relevant field with relevant professional experience.

How Long Does It Take to Complete This PhD in Healthcare Administration Online?

At Texila American University, you can complete your online PhD in Healthcare Administration in just 3 years.Extension fee is applicable if the program duration extended.

What Does Distance and Blended Learning Program Mean?

To put it in simple words, distance and blended learning programs mean an online program where you will not be left alone with study materials. You will get complete support from the day you enrolled until you get your course completion certificate.

Does TAU Offer Any Scholarship to Study This PhD in Healthcare Administration?

As of now, there is no scholarship announced. If there is any, it will be announced on our website and respective social media pages. Stay tuned!

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